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On Beauty

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I am obsessed with all things relating to beauty. I mean skincare and makeup sure, but also, I mean the feeling that beauty - however you define it, can give you.

I am obsessed with the simplicity of it. beauty equals confidence and connection and motivation and peace.

Beauty signifies health and happiness without having to explain itself with words.

A flushed cheek is a sign of youth and life.

A gorgeous red lip can make you feel powerful and vibrant.

A tasteful vignette on your coffee table, even if it’s as simple as a fresh picked flower and a candle you love the smell of, can bring you joy EVERY MORNING before you even leave the house.

Beauty is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my brand identity.

I want to curate beautiful spaces because I know it is the simplest way to curate the mental space we are all always in search of.

I want to help you to really feel more freedom, more joy, more confidence and peace every single day in the subtlest of ways, like little shining reminders that IT CAN BE EASY in all these spaces you spend most of your time in.

I want to help you feel more in alignment with your true self and more able to take on whatever it is your goals are in that moment.

Even if the goal is to truly relax when you’ve got a half hour off.

Even if the thing that you need in that moment is to find that pair of scissors that have been hiding in your junk drawer.

These little tweaks and tricks and lipsticks and tidy pantries are the smallest, simplest things we can actually control in our constantly out of control lives.

It makes me so thrilled to think of my cheeks get flushed.

How beautiful is that?

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